Artist Statement

“We confuse signs, words, numbers, symbols, and ideas, with the real world. This is a disaster! […] We’re so tied up in our minds that we’ve lost our senses. Time to wake up!”

– Alan Watts, Philosopher

With incredible advances in medicine, agriculture, and communications, science and technology have significantly increased the standards of living for many people. They have also drastically altered the nature of life in the modern world. While we are living longer, healthier lives and are connected to people around the globe in ways that weren’t possible even twenty years ago, we are becoming detached from the here and now. We experience life at a distance, and are losing touch with our immediate surroundings.

Art is a means for me to contemplate the immediate world and connect to the present. I focus on drawing from direct observations. Whether sitting on a train or in my home, or walking through a park, I draw the people, places, and things around me as if I were seeing and experiencing them for the first time. My art is imbued with emotion, humor, and creative interpretation of subject matter. I enjoy playing with colors of a limited palette, abstracted form, flattened space, distorted perspective, varied textures, and “all over” compositions. I prefer experimenting in several mediums, and enjoy exploring other art disciplines like sculpture, installation, and printmaking.

I want my art to resonate on an imaginative and emotional level, and inspire people to contemplate their own subjective and spontaneous relationship to the world. No matter how sophisticated society becomes or how much easier science and technology make our lives, it’s of absolutely no use if we haven’t the slightest clue how to live in the here and now.

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